Healing Ancestral Karma: Mending Unhealthy Family Patterns

Jan 20, 2018
Myztic Isle, La Mesa Boulevard, La Mesa, CA

This fresh and innovative workshop will provide an opportunity for you to clear and heal the karmic wounds from your lineage. Your genetic and soul’s coding together are such strong influences that you may find yourself puzzled as to why you continue to repeat the same patterns in spite of your desire not to do so and your corresponding efforts to change. Clearing these unhealthy family patterns that inhabit your psyche and exhibit themselves in your thoughts, feelings, and actions will help you heal the repetitive patterns you find yourself enacting. They will also positively affect subsequent generations such that your children and your children’s children will be free of the unwanted karmic influences as well. Karma is not destiny.

With the support and assistance of your spirit guides, including the Ancient Ones, Dr. Farmer will guide you in a gentle and powerful process for healing your ancestral karma. In addition, he’ll do a few random audience readings using his Earth Magic Oracle cards. You’ll learn the difference between bloodline and territorial ancestors, discover the “training” one receives after death, and get to meet an “elder” ancestor, one of the Ancient Ones from your lineage. Dr. Farmer will also demonstrate and facilitate a group shamanic healing with the help of the ancestral spirits.

January 20th, 1-4pm, $43

To register contact Myztic Isle at 619-465-3005 or go HERE TO REGISTER.


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