Discerning Messages From Spirit

Sep 21, 2018
East West Books Seattle

Are you curious about how you can tune into guidance from Spirit more consistently? Do you want to know how you can more readily interpret those signs and messages? Do you intend to lead a more spiritually directed life? With the intensities and changes happening in the earth and in human consciousness these days, now more than ever we need all the help we can get to align with our soul’s purpose.

Join Dr. Steven Farmer in this presentation that will give you some clues as to how to receive and understand the guidance that is so readily available, from both visible and non-visible sources, including Nature, animals, ancestors, and archangels. Steven will also offer some random oracle card readings and lead a meditation that will open your intuition and ability to receive spiritual guidance and is happy to sign books at the end of the lecture.

7-8:30 at East West Books Seattle, $20 – Register HERE or call 206-523-3726


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