No matter what your current spiritual philosophy or practice, you can tap into your spirit guide for guidance, teaching, and healing.

Become an Earth Magic Practitioner

This intensive certification program is designed for those who want to develop their intuitive and spiritual healing skills to be certified as an Earth Magic® Practitioner. At the core of this training is shamanism, the most ancient healing methodology known to us, one that relies on the wisdom and direction of one’s spirit guides in providing service to the individual, community, and the land.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Steven Farmer

Drawing from my extensive training and experience as a shamanic practitioner, psychotherapist, and trauma expert, some of the services I offer include:

It is with deepest gratitude that I’m able to offer these services. I invite you to explore the resources available here that support the awareness and appreciation of the majesty and awe of being alive on this amazing planet. Enjoy the magic!

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